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.PlayerNet FAQ

What is .PlayerNet?
.PlayerNet (known as .PlayerNet Games) is our new game management center. One click in the app will allow you to be able to manage all your game accounts, diamond purchases and downloads. .PlayerNet is a freshly built gaming center designed specifically to manage your game accounts, character options, and game credits.
What is a .PlayerNet Account?
In order to manage your .PlayerNet Games you need to make a .Playernet account, this account will be used to manage your games, credits and profile.
What can I do with a .PlayerNet Account and App?
Once you have created an account it allows you to access a lot of features we offer. .Playernet introduces a new currency system; credits. One credit balance system to recharge currencies, view and manage your expenses, play other .PlayerNet games easily and much more!
Create your .PlayerNet account here.
Does it cost to create a .Playernet account?
Playernet accounts are free to make and do not incur additional or subscription costs.
Do I need to merge my Chronicles of Arcadia / Legacy accounts with .Playernet to play?
Yes, .PlayerNet is the central game management and built to handle all your accounts and credit needs which offers a better overall user friendly system which ensures for a better gaming experience for you. From here on out all .PlayerNet games will be supported through our system which requires a .Playernet account.
Merge your account
How can I make sure my .Playernet account is secure?
All information that passes through our servers is held in secure data storage. Ensure that you have the latest updates for your operating system to patch any vulnerabilities that may exist, scan with your spyware/malware software frequently to remove any possible malware you have picked up. Never share your account information with anyone, if you feel your account information is compromised please change your password as soon as possible