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Throughout the world players are immersing in our virtual worlds in epic siege war battles, dungeon raids, training crafts and socialising with friends. The .PlayerNet vision is to bring our players from across the world under Stary3D’s banner with a central gaming hub known as .PlayerNet. .PlayerNet has come from the minds behind Stary3D to offer you more convenient access to all things Stary3D and to give you the best experience possible. For more information read on.

.PlayerNet Friends list

Keep in touch with your guild members and friends from your .PlayerNet games. Connect to players via our Friends list which can be found in the drop down menu in the top right of the .Playernet website. Add all your friends and guild mates so you can contact them via the message center. Keep your friends updated in the event you are arriving late to a raid, another circumstance that may have happened or perhaps just some friendly banter.

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Help .PlayerNet by becoming involved

Join fellow players on the game forums and post your suggestions and opinions on various aspects of your favourite game. Discuss game information, post guides and help other players on tricky quests or even boss strategies. Keep up with the latest news and let us know what you want to see. Community links are listed in the game management section of each specific game on.PlayerNet. Head over and get involved!

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Unite the community

Thousands of people come together to play, chat, shop, browse and connect easily with other players on the .PlayerNet interface. Access any information, forums, news links, or support resource you need in our new centralised hub. Come together with new players that join every day and be part of Stary3D’s .Playernet Community.

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